1. SR-30 "Short Attention Span Punk - A benefit compilation"

  2. SR-29 X-Torsion / Cruel Face- "Estilo Compadre"-Split 7"
    X-Torsion, Cruel Face

  3. SR-26 Lily Havoc - 3 to 7
    Lily Havoc

  4. SR-25 Graben LP

  5. SR-24: Kellerasseln - Mittelmeerromantik EP

  6. SR-23 Sunlun - Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit LP

  7. SR-22 TCB - Tape

  8. SR-21: X-Torsion - Odio Eterno 12"

  9. SR-20 Beate X Ouzo - FrustxWutxTristesse
    Beate X Ouzo

  10. SR-19 Inner Conflict - Schere Klebstoff Papier 10"
    Inner Conflict

  11. SR-18 KSM40 / Burt-Split 7"
    KSM40, Burt

  12. SR-17 Lafftrak - Das Ende der Welt 7"

  13. SR-16 Always wanted War - Sweating to the oldies with... - Retrospective 2005-2010
    Always wanted war

  14. SR-15 Liberty Madness - s/t LP
    Liberty Madness

  15. SR-14 Love Channel - s/t 7"
    Love Channel

  16. SR-13 Dreizehn Tape
    Nihil Baxter, KSM40, Alarmstufe Gerd, Henry Fonda, Common Enemy, Napoleon Dynamite, Guillotine

  17. SR-12: KSM40 - The Taste of Rust 10"

  18. SR-11 Karmacopter - California 7"

  19. SR-10 Eiltank - Stiller Beobachter 12" (one-sided)

  20. SR-09 V.A. - A fucking tribute to Slap a Ham-Compilation LP"
    KSM40, Burt, Corrosive, Yacoepsae, Henry Fonda, Trigger, Eiltank

  21. SR-08 Asiflash / Eiltank - Split 12"
    Asiflash, Eiltank

  22. SR-07 Downfall of Gaia / Kazan Split-Tape
    Downfall of Gaia, Kazan

  23. SR-06 Lipkick - s/t

  24. SR-05 Wild Gift - s/t LP
    Wild Gift

  25. SR-04 KSM40 / Eiltank - Ehrenfeld Mangel - Split Tape
    KSM40, Eiltank

  26. SR-03 Determination - if all else fails 7"

  27. SR-02 Alpinist / Finisterre Split LP
    Alpinist, Finisterre

  28. SR-01 Over the Top - Keep on truckin´ EP
    Over the Top


Sengaja Records Hamburg, Germany

Sengaja Records is a DIY label which is located both in Cologne and Hamburg, Germany.

We appreciate any requests regarding trades or contribution to your band´s releases, but please keep in mind:

We´re a non-profit label and only work with bands that are doing their music for the cause, not for money.

So if you´re expecting to become rich and famous, dream on, but don´t waste our time.
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